Happy Valentime’s Day!

If you’re looking at my subject line, you thinking one of two things:

  1. Did she realize she misspelled Valentine’s?
  2. Is she one of those people who incorrectly refers to it as Valentime’s?

The answer to both questions is yes.  I am aware the word is misspelled.  I do incorrectly refer to the day as Valentime’s.  Why?  I had a coworker who used to say Happy Valentime’s Day.  I almost didn’t catch but she said it repeatedly.  When she walked away,  I asked the others, “Did she say Valentime’s Day?”  The eruption of laughter was my answer.

Apparently, she’s not alone in saying Valentime.  My favorite show 30 Rock had an episode where a hooker played by Rachel Dratch used the word.  It was hysterical to me.

So the day is fast approaching and I have no valentine.  No worries, I’ve had more Valentine’s Days where I’ve been single than attached.  My feeling on the day is this if you enjoy it, continue on.  If you seemed to get depressed or your expectations never seem to be met, put less emphasis on the day.  Change up your approach, if you’re single,  plan fun activities with your girlfriends.  If you’re with someone and you have an idea that the day will send you “over the moon”, realize it’s one day.  I’d personally rather have an awesome birthday or anniversary.  All the pink and red is nauseating after a certain point.

With all that being said, I plan to spend my Valentime’s Day by going to church, hitting the gym and taking my mom to dinner.  It won’t be sending me “over the moon” but I won’t be crying into my pillow either…


One response to “Happy Valentime’s Day!

  1. I have Valentimes, none of whom are a ‘significant other’. And I am so cool with that right now, I like the taking Mom to dinner thing, too many people put it on having a ‘man’ or ‘woman’. Umm…hello, is that the only person you love? Nope, what about the Grands, Auntie n nem? One chick I work with said February 14th is also know as ‘Singles Awareness Day’. I thought that was so funny!

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