Revealing That I Have A Blog…

I sent an email to some of my girlfriends that I have a blog.  I was hesitant to reveal this to my male friends.  Why?  The one who I suggested I do one, was the subject of two.  Eventually, it’ll come to light but I didn’t feel like going there this week.

I have told one guy, he’s someone who a coworker introduced me to.  We’ve only communicated by phone as his out-of-town assignment ended on V-Day.  So we’re yet to go on that first blind date.  I’ve told him about the subject matter of blog.  He seemed intrigued.  I mentioned that I’m still trying to figure out my niche.  Do I want to solely commit to a relationship blog?  Or do I want to voice my opinion on anything I chose?  I think I’m going to go with latter.

I did paste a link to my blog on my fb page.  So I’m taking baby steps to revealing myself to my friend…


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