Amazing Race

I love this freaking show.  I’m dying to compete.  I’m aware of the sad reality that all female teams haven’t won the $1,000,000 prize.  So, I’ll recognize that and am looking for the ideal male partner.  I need someone to drive stick, as I don’t.  Being able to drive stick is important when you end up in an eastern European countries with a car that was made several decades ago.

So last night, as I was talking to the “new guy” he mentioned doing some physical challenges.  My mind immediately went to the Amazing Race.  I asked if he drove stick.  No.  He doesn’t swim.  Maybe I can get him into swimming lessons…

 He then mentioned how people tend to tear each other apart on that show.  True.  I saw one couple end their engagement.  Another issue: I’m really into the show and would love to compete.  However, he told me he is competitive but might not have the same enthusiasm as I do.

He told me that if I was selected to compete that he would do it with me. I told him that we both have to complete applications and submit a video.  He asked how I knew this.  I told him I’ve been to the website.  He erupted into laughter. He asked if the challenges were all physical. I told him no, some are mental and in some cases it’s important to remember previous challenges.  I suggested that a journal might be a good idea.  He told me that it seemed like I’d thought this out.  Just a little.

He doesn’t sound like an ideal partner for the Amazing Race but definitely sounds like a good sport.


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