I’m Like An A&R Rep When It Comes To Dating

So what does that mean?  Basically, it’s like give me a copy of the demo, I”m going to listen for 5 seconds and it better be good.  Sounds harsh, but there’s no need of wasting either party’s time.

I’m a pretty decisive person.  I know what I’m like, when it comes to food, fashion, music and men.  When I go to my favorite stores, I make a beeline for the sales section, look for pieces I like,  try them on, purchase and/or discard.  Most men who’ve gone with me to the mall were amazed at this process.  Most women dread shopping with me because they know their process will bore me to tears. 

So back to men.  I have a list, yes a list.  When I’m on a date, I’m pretty much the same person with a girlfriend (but less gossipy) or with my male friends.  As a result, most guys are taken back my approach, they feel comfortable and just let it fly.  In some cases that’s good and in some cases the red flags come out early and I’m able to call it a first date/last date.

I’ve had people tell me that I’m not giving people a chance.   Oh, I give them a chance, it just up to them what they do with it.


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