There’s Just A Lack of Romantic Connection

I’m trying to figure out the best approach to tell someone that a second date will not take place.  He seems like what I’m looking for but…I’m not attracted to him at all.  I took in his appearance but after trying to convince myself looks don’t matter, I’m like to hell with that theory.  I can’t envision a first kiss at all. 

I’ve realized why he it seemed that he’s what I’m looking for and it bothers me.  In our first conversations he asked a lot of questions.  I remember joking at one point and I asked if he was taking notes.  So now it seems that my interests are his interests.  I could take him at face value, but he’s never done any of it before.  I like to venture out and travel.  He has a desire to travel but never has because he can’t coordinate with his friends.  I travel by myself and have done so for a while.  I could never coordinate with others and I don’t believe in living my life on pause.  I mentioned that I like to visit art museums and he mentioned that he wanted to see a play on Broadway.  Cool, right?  Then he mentions he’s never seen a play.  Ever.  If he couldn’t afford to do so that’s one thing but that’s not the issue.  He’s a person that lives his life on pause.

So, I’m not going to go through a laundry list of why I’m not interested in him romantically.  Nor am I going to say let’s be friends.  That always sounds lame.

Normally, I would lie and say my ex-boyfriend and I got back together.  But my coworker set us up and it would be easy for this lie to unravel. 

Funny aside:  Someone asked me if my ex changed would I take him back.  I said, even if Jesus came down and told me so himself, I’d say Jesus, I hear you, but too much has happened.  Thanks for getting him ready for the next chick.

So we’ll chalk this up to another first date/last date!


2 responses to “There’s Just A Lack of Romantic Connection

  1. Oh no! Another on bites the dust. It’s so sad that you can’t even imagine a kiss, he must be really something! 🙂

    • It was sad because he’s an amazing guy from what I seen so far. But my feelings are not there. I know myself and if they’re not present now, they’re in the back seat waiting for me to move on to the next!

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