When In Doubt Refer Back To…

the movie “Two Can Play That Game”.  It’s my favorite movie ever.  I remember watching it with my mom for the first time.  While we watched the movie, I was agreeing with the main character, played by Vivica Fox.  At the conclusion of the movie, my mom asked me if I played games like that when I date.  I said of course, you play or you get played.   She sighed loudly.

She then said look at how she played all those games, she almost ended up by herself.  True.  But unless you meet one of those rare creatures, almost as rare as unicorn, most people are going to play games.  Even as they get older.  Some from being manipulative, others just being downright lazy.

So why did I have to be referred back to the movie?  My ex-boyfriend texted me.  Our first communication since our post-Thanksgiving break up.  It wasn’t a hi, how are you? It referred to a movie we watched almost a year ago.  Quoting lines and what-not.  Kinda odd.  I saw the text message about 4 hours after it was sent (was doing homework).

I replied and said I saw the movie was on.  I then texted his cousin and asked if he meant to send the text to me.  It felt so random and mid-conversation.  The cousin had no insight.  The next day, I texted and asked if he meant to send it.  He said yes and continued with the lines from the movie.

So how does “Two Can Play That Game” factor in?  It was his way of gauging my temperament where he is involved.  Ohh.  I never was mad, I assumed he would be.  I don’t want to be best buddies.  Just nice to know the air is clear.


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