How “The Little Mermaid” Affected Me..

I believe I saw “The Little Mermaid” when I was 10.  I remember the premise and the ending leaving me sad.  It was at that moment, I decided that Disney movies sucked. 

It also left me wondering why anyone would make a movie suggesting that it’s okay to give up your family and everything you know, for love.  I really had these thoughts at 10.  I remember thinking I would be horribly sad if I had to give up my family.  

With time, I saw that a lot of movies especially the Lifetime variety, have movies where women have to make great sacrifices to be with the love of their life.  They sacrifice family, careers and other things of value for men.  There will never be a network that has men in this kind of role ever.

I hate the message it sends to young women, along with the one about Prince Charming.  Fairy tales suck.  I’ll admit I love a romantic comedy (that’s decent).  But I also view it as escapism.  The same way I love chick lit.

My favorite form of chick lit is the book with the slightly wacky female character who is flawed and trying to live out her dream.  On occasion, she might fall into a relationship but it’s not the whole focus of the book.  I get much more of kick of watching her dream become realized.

A lot of my independent spirit comes from my dad.   He pushed me to love myself as am (quirks and all),  follow my dreams and live a life without regret.  Exactly, what I wish for any woman, young or more mature.


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