Scripts Required!

As an awkward teenager, if I was preparing to talk to a new guy on the phone, I’d write a script.  Seriously, I would write talking points.  Why?  I didn’t want dead air and wanted to be able to keep the conversation flowing.

I did this because I was an ugly duckling, so where a lot of people had gone all the way, I was still waiting for my first kiss.  Dead serious.  So my experience talking to guys on the phone was limited and I needed to boost my conversation skills.

Why does this come up?  Well I was visiting friends this weekend and we’re in a random diner and this cute guy I had a crush on in college comes in.  Lucky for me he’s friends with my one of my friends who happened to be present.  She says hi and he comes over briefly.  I expected him to have no idea of who I was, but he remembered my face (nothing else I’m sure).  I was the sidekick.  It’s funny when I think back on it, there were guys in high school and college that I had no problem approaching.  But this guy, he just came off as really cool, like my slick approach would have been easily rebuffed.

So I text my girlfriend and tell her to say something to him, the what I wasn’t sure.  I also mentioned that since we live in different cities, my level of embarrassment due to possible being rejected would be minimal.  She said my text made her laugh because it was completely random (I specialize in random).  She also mentioned she had no idea of how to bring it up.

I told her no worries, I’d write her a script.  I also told her it’d come off natural.  Plus, it’s not like she’s doing it for herself.  If I were asking her to do something like this for herself, I’m positive it’d never happen.


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