Why I Left Facebook

  1. I just wasn’t that into it.
  2. Your posts make me wonder why you think we care about the trivial details of your life.
  3. Your obsession with Mafia Wars and Farmville. (It confirms that this is all wrong for me.)
  4. Most of my “friends” are barely acquaintances.
  5. Worrying about the fact that my “friends” aren’t my friends and finding myself not posting anything.
  6. People hitting me up on chat, before I learned to disable it.
  7. Not really wanting to connect with that many people that I had “friended” on fb.
  8. Articles on Time.com made me feel like it was for losers.
  9. Tired of seeing you try to project this lifestyle that I doubt your living.
  10. A crazy person who is anything but my friend sending a “friend” request.  Ignoring the request versus deactivating the account (as I’d announced to “real” friends earlier) would have caused me a lot of drama.  Especially since I see them 5 days a week, if you get my drift…

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