Do You Have A Pre-Event Routine?

I have the outfit.

I’ve booked the hair appointment. 

I’m making my appointment for my pedicure tomorrow.

So with all those things in place, my diet and workout regime are key.  I’m not trying to lose any weight.  I tried on the outfit and minus Spanx, I look pretty good.  So this week it’s all about sticking to my nutrition plan (which isn’t hard to follow!) and working out. 

Today was a little challenging.  I didn’t go to the grocery store yesterday, so today I didn’t get in all of my little mini-meals.  So after my run, and during my weights, the nausea sets in.  A smart person would have said, “Good job, time to go home.”  But no, I convince myself drinking some water will help me move past it.  I know that was crazy, but I did get through the whole routine. 

And then went to straight to the grocery store to make sure this wouldn’t happen again.

I’m sure you’re asking why bother?  And my question to you is, “Have you ever not seen a group of people for several years?  And want to look fabulous when you do?”


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