Just Ask Me If It’s A Weave…

I wouldn’t suggest you ask every woman this.  But you can ask me. 

It’s not a weave.  Even if it was, I’d be honest.  There’s nothing wrong with having one.  Women of all races get weaves.   But don’t assume.  It’s annoying.  I kinda understand why people think I do.  I wear my hair naturally curly 340 days of the year and it looks several inches shorter in its curly state than it does straight. 

For a few special occasions during the year, I’ll get my hair blown out.  And after a few days, I’ll go back to curly.  Why the quick changeover?  Here’s my dilemma.  My hair is naturally curly.  I run and as a result, I sweat super hard.  So it’s impossible for me to maintain straight hair and work out.  So it’s either have straight hair and be overweight or have curly hair and be in shape.  I opt to be in shape.  Plus, the curly is hair is less maintenance. 

I know everyone thinks I look so much prettier with straight hair but the face is still the same.  And don’t get me wrong, I’ve considered getting a weave one that would allow me to have straight hair and work out.  But good weaves (that look natural) cost a lot of money.  And I’m cheap.  So that alone should hip people to the fact that I don’t have a weave.    No one gets a weave for a few days and takes it out.  Unless you have money to throw away.  And I don’t.


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