Throwback to A 80’s Sitcom: Dear John

I loved this show.  Really weird considering the fact that I was in adolescence watching a support group for divorcees.  Judd Hirsch played John and Jere Burns play Kirk.  I’m focusing on Kirk.  He was hilarious, got all the great laughs.  Was a complete perv.  And was stuck in another decade (70s).

I have a Kirk at work.  He’s my age and stuck in the 80’s.  As if he could have stories about women.  Instead he plays it as if he was 20 during that time period and I’ve found that he just quotes movies made during this time period. 

He temporarily stopped being Kirk when he introduced me to one of his friends.  He didn’t know where things were going to go (nowhere) and tried to place nice.  After it was clear that I wasn’t interested, he said do you mind if I go back to flirting with you.  I asked if it had been hard to restrain himself.  He said yes.  I told him that it was okay.

Favorite lines from ‘work’ Kirk:

“Man if you try this pasta salad I made, you’ll dump your boyfriend before you know it.”

“Girl, if I was your boyfriend and saw how you looked in those jeans, we’d be married by the end of the day.”

“When I lose these 50 lbs, I’m going to look so good, you’re going to be the one all over me!”

“Girl, I’m available.  I’m a good boyfriend.  You better take advantage before I get snatched up.  Once I’m taken, I don’t want you to have any regrets.”

“You look so good today in that suit, I want to sop you up with a biscuit.”

The lines are over the top.  He actually has a girlfriend now, but during the brief period where he didn’t flirt, I got to see a cool guy.  The comments aren’t as frequent but I take that as part of his “big” personality.


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