Just Saying No…To Sugar Cookies

I go through periods in my life where I have an addiction to an item.  Usually, if I’m lucky, I’ll get sick of said item, or worse develop an allergy.  Right now, I have an addiction to sugar cookies.  I totally cannot get enough of them.  I had them Saturday through Monday.  After my last cookie on Monday, I thought I had my fill. 

I just replaced it with Starburst jelly beans (Tropical flavor!).  I’d put a few each night in a shallow bowl.  It’s been working but of course tonight I had to pick up a couple of staples that I’d run out of.  On the way to the store, I was thinking of sugar cookies.  I get in the store and on the way to pick up a bag of spring mix salad, I pause at a table with containers of cookies.  At first glance, I didn’t see any sugar cookies.  I should have left then.  But then I continued to search, I found them.  Even at the ridiculously low price, I couldn’t buy that many sugar cookies.  I’d never just eat 2 or 3 and then throw out the rest of the cookies.  I reflected back to how hours earlier, I started at my body post-workout and thought, I like what I see.  I worked off those sugar cookies, not to say I did gain anything (it’s a mental thing).

My best friend jokes that when I think I’ve gain weight, I cut out the crap that I’ve been indulging in and then workout like a fiend.  I really don’t do anything extra in the gym.   But the trick with the jelly beans has been a nice treat in the evening.  It curbs my sugar craving.

I’m proud of saying no to the sugar cookies tonight.  Another reason I could say no, they looked like some crap that a school cafeteria would bake. Yuck!


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