Self-Imposed Hiatus

I’m not eager to date.  It’s not that I fear dating.  It’s not that I fed up with the process.  I just have a lot on my plate.  Work (hours are insane), I’m back in school (attempting to switch fields), volunteer work (to help me gain experience in said field) and trying to still catch up my friends when I can.

It sounds like I have a life with no fun.  But I love school and I love my volunteer work.  I also have made a conscience decision to continue to travel, tackle new challenges and revisit hobbies that I’d dropped by the wayside because life got too busy.

So what’s on my list:

  • This year I have a couple of trips planned for this summer.  One is my annual trip to Fort Lauderdale.  The second is a trip to San Diego.
  • Cooking class.  Not a series, more like a one-day workshop.  I’ve found one that interested me and had a menu I’d enjoy.
  • I’d love to take another attempt at tennis lessons although I was horrible.  Regardless, I still had fun.  To be honest I think I enjoyed the chasing the ball and want to justify the purchase of an Adidas tennis dress (they make the cutest ones ever!)
  • Next year: An REI trip to Greece.  I’ve been dying to go there for a while.

I’m not sure how long the hiatus will last.  I’m not closed off to meeting new guys.  I just enjoying my space.  I’ll chalk that up to me being an only child.


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