Fighting the Allergies

Mine aren’t that bad this year.  That’s because last year was horrible.  I started running in January, so as soon as the weather broke, I was excited to run outside.  The trail was great, it was perfect.  I run alone, and this is a great trail for solo runners.  No hidden spots, nice neighborhood, and pretty well populated.

After my first run, I had a coughing spell.  I chalked up to I needed to adjust to breathing outside. I know that makes no sense.  The next day it was even worse.  I went to my nurse practitioner after the coughing wouldn’t stop.  She told me that while there was no pollen in sight, the (awful) Bradford pear trees were in full bloom.  While running, I sucked all the crap in with my mouth-breathing and hence my nasty cough.  It took a week and half for me to recover. 

The nurse practitioner told me next time when it starts to get warm, start taking my antihistamines.  I did that this year and while everyone else has been miserable, I’ve been fine.  I’ll admit, I’m not running outside yet.  I’m not trying to push my luck. 

So my point is, when it gets warm, take your meds.  So you can be like me, give people the sympathetic face when people tell you horrible their allergies are.


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