Getting Back On The Horse

Well, more like thinking about training for a half-marathon.  I injured myself almost a year ago while training for one.  For a person who thought they’d never enjoy running, it was surprising how devastated I was.  I started running in January 2009.  In March, I started my training plan.  All was going well.  And then in June, I ran my scheduled 6 miles.  Fine.  The next week, I ran 6 miles again.  Fine.  Or so I thought.  My next run,I could barely complete a mile.  The pain radiated throughout my leg.  When I stopped my leg went numb.

I went to the doctor and for whatever reason I was wearing a skirt.  And I’m sure you know that I had to lift my leg and he was rotating my knee.  I’m not going to pretend he didn’t see my underwear.  I’m just going to pretend that he wasn’t looking at my underwear as much as he appeared to be.  His eyes definitely weren’t on my knee.  He explained that I had inflamed bursa sacs on both knees and suggested I see a physical therapist.

I went a few times.  He diagnosed it as tight IT bands.  He gave me some useful exercises.  But quite honestly, it got expensive.  So, I stopped.  And each time I though I was well enough to run, the pain would let me know otherwise.  I ended up having to take 5 months off from running.

I started running in December 2009.  I gradually added on mileage and worked on my speed.  I’m running 4 miles a day, 5 times a week.  I had someone suggest that I should be content to run injury-free.  They suggested I not train and suggested training would lead to an injury.  I understand her point.  But there is this part of me that hates that I couldn’t complete my goal.

I never thought I’d run.  I’d never thought I’d enjoy it.  But after 5 months without, I realize that I enjoy it and my body demands it.  Yes, my body loves running because it keeps the weight down.  Yes, I call running the “fat shredder”. 

Maybe I won’t train for a while, I can’t risk injury and weight gain with beach trips coming up.


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