PSA: Who’s Watching Your Kids?

Let me say, I’m not a parent but I love kids.  And given a recent situation close to me, I have to say this.

Most parents I know screen day care providers.  After they make that important decision, sometimes they’ll drop in unannounced.  But I know people who aren’t so discerning when leaving their children with others in other situations.  I’ve had people tell me that they were letting some teenager watch her kids, she had heard he was okay with kids.  Umm, okay.

I say most people have a gut feeling and sometimes you have to follow that gut feeling and not ignore it.  Young children sometimes can’t verbalize what happens when you’re not there.  And with older children, they can verbalize what occurred but if it was something that was very wrong, the person might have used fear to gain their silence.

So my point is be discriminating with anyone that watches your child.  It’s better to be the cautious, concerned parent who errs on the side of caution.


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