Letting It Just Roll Off

I went to visit a friend of mine who suggested I visit.  I’m not sure if it was due to their health status or if they just wanted to catch up.  Let’s just say, I went, he hung out the first day and after that it was a wash.

We had moderate fun hanging out.  On day two, I had plans the next morning to catch up with my family.  I did and afterwards, I just pretty much went jumped around from store to store and then finally an art gallery posing a museum.  So I call after I reach my hotel.  The plan was for me  to call my friend after the visit with family but I didn’t feel like it.  The friend eventually called back to say they had a fever and couldn’t leave the house.  I wished them well and preceded to hang out with family again.

The friend and I, made tentative plans for breakfast.  I knew this person wouldn’t get up early enough to meet the needs of my schedule.  I had plans to visit my aunt, who lives in a town that I pass through on my route home.   She also has a recent health diagnosis and I was eager to see her.   I get up late on Sunday morning, a combination of studying and then watching coverage on the Times Square car.  I wake up, shower, grab a breakfast sandwich and hit the road.  I had no intentions of calling for a few reasons. I’m struggling with my Bluetooth and I just was ready for my aunt’s visit.

I received a text from my friend today saying he assumed I was home.  He also mentioned that he still was battling a fever and his red velvet cupcake (that we got on Friday) sucked.

My best friend asked if I was disappointed by my visit.  Absolutely not, I spent time with some family I hadn’t seen in a few years.  I got to do some fun stuff on my own.  And most importantly, we all know our friends.  And I expected drama, and got it.  Not the fever, just some stuff that happened on Friday that I’ll leave unsaid. 

I can’t remember if they have the link to my blog.


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