I’ll Admit I’m A Gym Snob

I  never thought I was a gym snob until the guy who managed the gym told me I was.  Years ago.  I’m glad he did because I realized I carried myself like I was entitled.  It’s not all my fault.  The gym manager and I had become friends due to an odd conversation.  He’s in an interracial marriage and another lady was being critical.  It wasn’t my conversation but I asked why it mattered to her.  I said it really wasn’t her place to question or criticize his relationship.  I interjected because he seemed to be getting a verbal  beat down.

I eventually friended every other fitness specialist in the gym.  They were all great ladies.  So I guess my gym snobbery started when they opened the new gym.  It wasn’t open to the public but they gave me access before they opened it up to the rest of the company.

Then I did lunch classes when my scheduled allowed.  I was usually front row center.  Most of the women wanted to be in the back.  I’m not going to pretend I’m Ms. Fitness America but I have a high tolerance for pain.  So the kickboxing instructor (gym manager) would usually aim to make me exhausted which usually made others upset.  They felt the class was too difficult and I was getting too much attention.  So not my fault.  I’m not a talker during class, I just try to focus on getting through the class and doing my best.

In a few situations, they asked me to lead a class due to an instructor having to attend to an emergency.

With all that said I have great gym etiquette.  I try to stay within the posted times within peak hours.  I wipe down my equipment before (after a case of MRSA) and after (always did this).

My pet peeves are few.  People who don’t wipe down their equipment.  Almost always men.  People who unnecessarily slam weights.  Always men.  People who hog weight machines between sets, meaning you sit there for 5-10 minutes between each set.

Hilarious stuff I love to see.  People who wear inappropriate clothing.  This applies to both sex.  To the woman who is trying to be cute and looks like she’s cutting off circulation.  Or wearing an outfit that was never made for the gym (i.e. sleep/lounge wear).  The man who is trying to get back into shape and wears clothing from another decade (and it fits you like it belongs to your middle schooler).

People who try to do much too soon.  This happens to a few people.  You know the person.  You never seen them in them gym and they go for the heaviest weights and are grunting and grimacing in the mirror.  They barely make their way through one set of reps.

I’ve toned it down after being told I was a gym snob.  I enjoy being amused during my workouts, so I implore people to keep up the funny/crazy.  And as for my biggest pet peeve,  the guys seem to be improving on wiping down equipment.


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