The Crunch To Get Beach Ready

I’m where I want to be as far as how I want to look in my bikinis.  I’ll be wearing them in about a week.  If you wear them, or even if you don’t, you can imagine the pressure to minimize flaws.

In addition, I’m participating in corporate contest on exercise.  Today was a day, I had planned to workout.  I kept pushing the time back in my head.  I had on workout clothes, and then put on jeans.  Finally, I decided to go after “Desperate Housewives” concluded.  I finally made it and then went to the grocery store afterwards.  My first thought was, people at the grocery would think I was crazy for just finished a workout.  When I got to the grocery, I could see a nearby McDonald’s.  I figured it was less crazy for me to have finished a workout versus being in a line for McDonald’s at 11:20.

I really should take the pressure off because when I get to beach, I always wonder why I stressed about my appearance so much.  Apparently, there aren’t too many others who  do.  Or they have fun house mirrors in their rooms.  I’m not saying you have to look perfect in a swimsuit.  Just make sure it fits.  It’s not okay to wear a swimsuit from 5 years ago, if you’re not the same size.  That’s usually the biggest culprit.

But most importantly, get a great swimsuit that flatters your “present” body and own it!


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