Should Going On Vacation Be Hard?

No, but it always is.  I have a system for packing so that makes it easy.  I created a word template that has three columns. 

First column: Top/Dress

Second column: Bottom

Third column: Shoes

Then there’s a miscellaneous place at the bottom for random things I need to take.  Plus, this is what I call the 3rd annual Fort Lauderdale trip.

What’s so hard?  Getting out of the office.  Just when you’re trying to get out of the office, it seems like the bottom falls out.  The work gets piled on faster than any other normal week.  How do I manage?  Humor.  And the fact that it’ll be worth it once I’m in the rental car and driving on the A1A.  Not to mention, I’ve found a place that has key lime cupcakes.  I could write a blog just on key lime cupcakes.  Those things are freakin’ awesome.  They are my new favorite.  My old favorite was red velvet.  Red velvet wishes it could be the new key lime.

Something else that’s hard, finding a ride to airport.  It’s a sticky time, most people I know will be getting ready for church at the time I plan to arrive at the airport.  Trying to find a non-church goer.

Something that will merit no pity is my relentless visits to the gym.  I’ve put in long hours at work trying to make sure I can leave the office with no guilt.  I’ve been tired when I leave the office but then I think, “Arie, you will be in a swimsuit on Sunday or at the latest Monday, you cannot slip.  People will know.”  I know, I’m acting like I’ll be doing a photo shoot.  But I will be in my head as pose in the mirror. Click! Click!

Okay, I’m really not that obnoxious. (Yes, I am!)


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