Wacky Fridays

Yesterday was a crazy day, I felt like I fought lions and bears to get out of the office.  After it was all said and done, I went to dinner with a couple of friends from work and then we roamed the mall.

We end up in Macy’s in the lingerie section.  I overhear a salesperson tell another that there is a bra that gives you 2 extra cup sizes.  I run and tell another coworker who is the same position that I am.  So she asks the salesperson to show us the bra.  She does and next thing I know my friends are asking me to try the bra on.  I do and it was awesome.  I would get it, if I could get a full set for the week.  Plus a couple of strapless versions. 

Ultimately, I left it in the store.  One of my friends suggested I get it then. I shrugged and my other friend said, “She’s going to be naked next week.  Nothing more than a bikini, so it serves no purpose for her to buy it now.”  The salesperson albeit across the floor falls out laughing.  My other friend looks at me for a response, I told her it was true that I would rarely be wearing clothes.  I’ll only be putting on clothes to go to dinner and museums and such.

So my dinner after work threw off my plan to hit the gym.  But the gym was still in the works, two hours had passed between the time I ate and started my workout.  I get there around 9:40 p.m. and left there around 11:20 p.m.  I’m sure you’re wondering what I could was doing (beyond a run and weights).  I lollygagged getting dressed while talking on speakerphone to my ex.  I really thought I would  have been by myself all night but then a VP walks in.  At least it’s nice to know someone else A) has no life or B) is as consumed with exercise as I am.


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