If Only I Could Successfully Run Away…

and maintain a certain lifestyle.  Or better yet manage to eek out one better than I presently have.  One that would include me not working, lounging by pool.  The only planning of my day would consist of when I go to the gym.  What I would cook for dinner. 

I figure if I had some money stashed away for real, I’d be like Olivia Newton-John’s ex-boyfriend and run away via a boat.  I don’t have a boat.  Yet.  My best friend told me that her and her husband wanted to get a boat.  I didn’t understand their desire.  I’ve never been on one other than ferries.  Staten Island and a couple in Germany going to various botanical gardens. 

During my trip to Fort Lauderdale they had me a in a room that wasn’t oceanfront but intracoastal waterway.  I thought it would be a disappointment.  It wasn’t.  It opened my eyes to live the I want and deserve to live.  You know, those houses that from a distance look like you have to ride a boat to.  Then you realize there are streets upon further examination.

I definitely would need a pool and a boat.  But definitely a pool.  The boat would be a nice touch to go out on the weekends.  Then I thought about it.  That kind of house is the one you don’t stay in all your life.  Your husband does the following: cheat on you (and you can’t maintain the payments on your own), invest all your money in a Ponzi scheme (but has convinced you that it’s a sound investment and because you figured life is grand, he’s probably right) or the bottom falls out financially for any number of reasons and you have to leave.

In any number of the cases, I joked that you’d move in the middle of the night hoping that no one would notice.  You’d leave right before the bank put the sign in the yard.  Because once that happens there’s no turning back.

I know I have a lot depending on a male significant other but let’s be honest, it typically is going to take a couple of incomes to acquire that kind of house.  And big incomes.  I’m not there yet.  So because I’m single at this point in the game, I’ve decided I only need a house with a nice patio and pool, for Friday evening tapas and drinks (even though I don’t do alcohol).


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