Whole Foods: The Pick Up Spot?

My mom thinks Whole Foods should be the place where I go to meet men.  I’m serious.  I stopped by Whole Foods today to get a sandwich after the gym.  As I’m leaving, I see my mom coming out.  I blow the horn and yell out my car window (it really takes all that to get her attention).

She comes over to my car and with a huge smile (and laughter) she says I was just thinking of you.  I thought she was going to make jokes about how I’ve been on a rant about the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 (produce and pesticide levels).  But that wasn’t it.  She told me that there were plenty of men in Whole Foods who were health nuts and I should come here and eat more often with the hopes of meeting one.  I laughed hard and long.  I assume she’s calling me a health nut.  The second is that she thinks I need to find a place that caters to someone who is interested in a somewhat healthy lifestyle.

There were a lot of people moving around just in the deli section.  I had blinders on today, I was tired from my workout and all I wanted was my sandwich.  I didn’t notice much.  I have eaten in Whole Foods on occasion.  There was no way I was going to eat in there today because I was just too hungry.  I didn’t have the energy to not devour my sandwich.  I just wanted to shove it down my throat.  I was on the verge of becoming a hungry monster.   When I become a hungry monster, my blood sugar has dropped too low, I give in to my irritability and pretty much will run you over to fill my belly.

All that said, I’m not sure if I’m going eat every night in Whole Foods.  I’ll definitely try to keep my eyes open next time and remove the blinders.  Provided I’m not just leaving the gym.


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