Race For The Cure

I’m glad I participated in the Race For The Cure (Susan G. Komen) for the following reasons:

  • It’s an amazing cause.  I love the energy of the participants and love seeing the survivors in their pink shirts.
  • The residents along the race route.  They’re awesome.  They’re on corners cheering you along, offering water, offering their water sprinklers and there is also musical accompaniment.
  • I finally got my mom to come out and witness the action.  She didn’t walk but she contributed to the cause and was out to show her support for the cause  and for me.  She finally understood why I was buzzing about the event for days afterwards.
  • I ran into people that I hadn’t seen in years.  It’s a big event and draws a variety of people.  I saw a couple of people from elementary school.  I might start running with one of them (we had close finish times!)

I had a favorite blogger of mine say that she hated that breast cancer was reduced to walks and ribbons.  I know that her mother lost her battle with breast cancer.  I see the Race For The Cure, as an opportunity to fundraise, to educate and support those who have been affected (survivors, families of survivors, individuals who lost their battles and their families).   I usually run the race but if you can walk the 3.1 mile course (with your doctor’s approval), I’d highly suggest it.

I like doing the occasional race.  My only requirement is that it support a cause that I think is worthy.


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