Father’s Day

can lead to a mixed bag of emotions.

For some its joy, others regret that their relationship isn’t ideal and for other a tinge of sadness that their dad is no longer alive.

I’m in the latter category,  but have friends and relatives that fall into the other categories.  My dad was pretty awesome.  Let me start of by saying that my parents were older when I came in the picture, my dad was 44 and my mom was 38.  So with that said, I think that dad got a of his stuff out the way before I came into the picture.  

My mom was and is a RN (keeping the license current!)  and as a result she had longer hours.  My dad who upon his retirement from the USAF, initially worked as mechanic and then went onto being a housekeeper and housekeeping supervisor.   Needless to say, my father left pretty much at a set time each day.

My dad was the one who took me to piano lessons, Girl Scouts tutoring, hair appointments and anything else under the sun.  At some Girl Scouting events, he’d been the only father standing in the crowd, making sure my uniform was just right, snapping away pictures for my mom.

I felt like I was his shadow as a kid. I wanted to go wherever he was going.  Even if it meant, a 20 minute ride on the freeway with no destination, well sometimes a milkshake before we returned home. 

When I got older, I asked my dad why he didn’t mind taking me wherever he was going.  He told me that he felt he shouldn’t go anywhere he couldn’t take me. 

I’m a little sad that he’s not a around but I try to focus on how blessed I was to have the dad that I did.  One who was very involved, one who loved me unconditionally, one who saw my quirks and weirdness and pushed me to accept it and own it, one who made me feel beautiful when I physically have the pictures to show I wasn’t.  Even though those pictures still make me cringe to this day, I know that he didn’t see what I did.  And that will always make me smile.


One response to “Father’s Day

  1. i can relate to this post and thank you for it ❤

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