Changing It Up

I’m trying online dating again.  But a different site, there’s one site that I’d avoid like that plague.  It’s like swimming in the swamp pretending if you’re in the Florida Keys (pre-BP mess).

I’m trying  It’s free, you complete can complete several different free text areas for your profile.  You answer questions, some you can make sense of,  others make you wonder what kind of person they are or what have they dealt with in the past.  It’s random, it’s funny.

I’m pretty much laying in wait.  That sounds bad, like I’m an animal waiting to be shot and killed.  But I haven’t had the balls to reach out to anyone.  I’m not looking for a soulmate.   I think I’m more interested in finding an activity partner.  A guy to do stuff with, without any expectation of it going anywhere.  Then maybe, I’ll warm up to the idea of dating.  I’m realizing I’m pretty jaded.

So here’s to getting back out there and finding more fodder for my blogs.  It’s starting to warm up a bit!  But I’ve had to make an edit putting an age limit.  I don’t feeling dating grandpa.


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