My Perspective On Online Dating Sites

They have the potential to connect people who might not come into contact with each other.  Could be great for individuals who lead busy lives and aren’t feeling the bar/club scenario.

But here’s the but.  Sometimes there is a reason you’re not meeting these weirdos.  There are people who when they give off that air of desperation, I automatically think, this person would probably rape or kill me.  Any random person can harm you, but doesn’t it seem a little more common with people who meet on internet dating sites.

I’ve attempted online dating a few times, honestly I get bored after a few weeks.  When people who don’t live near me contact me, I automatically think, I’m not going to visit you and you sure as hell aren’t going to corner me on my territory!  One guy lives about 4 hours from me sent a message that he might have to drive that distance to have a drink with me.  Now one might think, this guy is really into you.  I’ve barely sent this dude more than 3 brief messages.  So for me  alarms are going off and red flags are at full alert.

Then I had 19 year olds sending me messages when my profile clearly stated the minimum age is 33.  Same thing for the old men, maximum age was 42.  But yet I still receive messages from men who could be my father, disgusting.

Needless to say, I closed my account.  But there is something that always draws me back to online dating and then comes the concern that one of them will do something to me, that will get ripped from the headlines and turned into an episode of Law & Order: SVU.


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