I Need A “I Am Oscar (the Grouch)” T-Shirt!

I am Oscar the Grouch.  I love to say “I hate” you fill in the blank.  I’ve even suggested that others say it under their breath when they get frustrated  as a way to relieve stress.  They have and like the suggestion. I like hating almost everything.  I used to think Oscar was miserable.  He’s not miserable, he’s actually relieving stress.  He’s sleeping better than you are.  Not me, because I’m expressing my feelings about the things I hate in my life.

I need this t-shirt so bad.  Just like I needed the awesome t-shirt I ordered from Natalie Dee.  Cupcake + Multivitamin = Super Breakfast!  I’m obsessed with cupcakes.  I live for great cupcakes or anything that’s key lime (but it has to make my lips pucker!).  I’m not skinny but there’s  a morbidly obese woman living in me who desires cupcakes, key lime desserts, Starbursts (Fave Reds) and Haribo Gummy Bears. I ration this stuff out and keep it spaced out so that my weight is under control.

I just end up getting on everyone’s nerves asking if they have any cupcakes lying around.  I mean who has cupcakes lying around.  But if they did, it definitely would be a dream scenario.


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