Brights Spots Popping Up In The Midst of A Downpour

This past week and weekend was miserable for me.  Long hours at work during the weekday.  Then working a total of 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday.  And I’m an exempt employee meaning my paycheck is not going to change by one dime.

I also was scheduled to take a test by Monday.  I opted to take it Saturday night and managed to eek out a 96.  Yes, I’m in an online program (no worries it’s accredited).  25 questions in 25 minutes, so you better know your stuff.

Despite the long hours, my team which I often joke about its dysfunction was awesome.  A few days earlier, I joked that if we were stranded on an island, we’d all be dead within 2 to 3 days (for a variety of reasons).  Despite 14 hours yesterday, it was pretty fun.  I only dropped a couple of f-bombs the whole time.  Late in the day, yesterday.

Today, our director let us go home at 3 p.m. It doesn’t sound like much but for me I was thrilled.  I decided to go straight to the gym before a presentation I had to do tonight.  I get to gym and see that I missed a call.  That call was telling me that the presentation was cancelled!

Last but not least, family and friends who were very patience and understanding. 

Duncan Hines helping me make some great cupcakes for my sequestering.

Snagging a date for this week despite all the crazy.  Go figure?!


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