Everyone Gains Weight Before A Date

I have a date tomorrow.  Right before a first date (usually last date), I’m hardcore about not missing a workout.  Let me stop pretending like that’s not the norm.  Yesterday, I left work around 7 p.m.  The last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym.  The plan for Tuesdays is my usual 4-mile run plus weights.  I did weights first was still mentally debating whether I would also do the run.  Once I started the run, I thought about cutting the run short by a mile.  I didn’t, I did the usual 4.

I told my best friend that I was paranoid and convinced that I’d get fat and that was a bad look for a first date and mentioned that I know I’m crazy. 

Her response was priceless:

“No, that’s not crazy.  Everyone knows that if you don’t exercise before a first date, you’ll gain 10 lbs. in your sleep. I’ve heard so many stories of people mysteriously getting fat the night before a date.”

Lots of laughs at her response!

Most guys I’ve gone out with aren’t into fitness.  So while I’m concerned about looking fat, they’re probably only thinking about showing up.  And no, I’m not trying to lose weight.  I was just trying to counter an abundance of cupcakes I ate over the weekend.  I never saw that they affected my weight, my intention was to counter the effects.  After the cupcakes were gone, then my mother made a homemade key lime pound cake.  Key lime, I said!

I’m going to eat cake each and every time it’s put in front of me, if it’s one of my favorite types.  That’s why I’ll always be in the gym (5 days a week) like my life depends on it! 

It’s also why I’ll be in the gym tomorrow morning (I hate morning workouts!).  My day doesn’t allow me to go after work.


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