How Did It Go?

The date was fine.  No hiccups other than my possibly newfound allergy to mint.

I got a great parking space near the restaurant/bar/club.  He was on time.  The pictures that he posted online were vague.  I’ve noticed a lot men tend to that, from now on I’m going to assume it’s done to definitely hide their lack of attractiveness. The guy wasn’t ugly, you just wouldn’t notice him.

During a conversation about high school and college.  I mentioned that I was an ugly duckling. He said that he was a cute kid.  I had an ugly thought, “Where did the cute go?” 

The few times I’ve gone out with white guys, I’ve been asked the question, “So you date white guys a lot?”  I guess the question should be, “Do you date white guys exclusively?”.  The answer to both is no.  He then said so when you have, how has that gone, I said, “Short.”  Lots of laughs, but true.  It’s had nothing to do with race, it just isn’t a good fit.  And there have been tons of black guys I haven’t fit well with either. 

I then threw the weird question back at him.  He said that he liked interracial dating.  He said he liked to mix it up.  I later joked with a friend that IHOP should offer such a special where you could get a blueberry pancake, a chocolate chip pancake and an apple pancake – to mix it up.

We shared worst date stories, mine was pretty funny. I was scheduled to go to the movies with a guy.  He calls earlier in the day and suggest we do dinner.  Even though, I wasn’t excited about that, I said okay.  At dinner, a lot of what he said was intelligible.  I stopped trying to understand.  He orders ribs.  Who orders ribs on a first date?  I joke that he’s going to need lots of wet ones.  He tells me he won’t.  He’ll use his mouth.  Yes, he sucked his fingers clean the entire time.  My dinner went untouched from disgust.  The movie was awesome.  And I’m sure it helped that he fell asleep. 

On his date, he met the girl at her apartment.  He rode with her and all her girlfriends to the club.  She ended up wandering off and making out with another guy.  He hung around and rode back with them. 

I asked what did she say.  His response was, “Nothing, I’m not the confrontational type.”  I didn’t think much of it then.  But this is the part of the reason we won’t go a second date.  I don’t like guys that have zero backbone.  I mean, really?  Even if you rode with them and saw her make out with another guy, why didn’t you call your friends or get a cab to take you to your car?  You just played the passive role and took it like a punk?  In the word of an old Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, I wanted to tell him he was a c#$%.  Figure it out, the c-word.  I love that word. 

He’s definitely going to be right for someone but not for me.  The other thing that made it clear that we weren’t going on a second date, he didn’t walk me to my car.  It was 10:45 p.m.

On the positive side, I looked awesome.  Women loved my dress and so did some random dude.  I was standing at the crosswalk.  As I began to walk across the street, the guy yelled out the window, “You could have crossed the street without the signal, trust me cars were going to stop with the way you’re looking in that dress!”


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