Non Alert: Losing Weight Won’t Make Your Life Perfect

Everyone should know this.  But we all know people who think that once they get down to a certain size or a certain weight that everything will fall into place.  It’s not.

Here’s my thing, love yourself at whatever weight you’re at.  And if you can’t, fake it until you can.  Loving yourself is what changes other aspects of your life.  Otherwise, you’re a thinner version of yourself with the same job, same relationship or not.  He or she isn’t going to love you anymore once you lose the weight.  You might have more people flock to you, but sometimes if you’ve lost a dramatic amount of weight, the attention can become uncomfortable.

Self love is what changes things.  Having a beautiful energy about yourself is what attract people to you.

My dad explained this to me as a kid.  My older cousin was a star football player in high school.  As a kid (10 years younger than him), I was used to changing line up of attractive girlfriends.  My dad, cousin and his new girlfriend went on a short trip.  I saw pictures of her and I exclaimed that she was ugly compared to the other girlfriends.  My dad explained beauty is more than skin deep.  He explained that she was a really wonderful person, so much so that she seemed more physically beautiful than the picture conveyed.  It left a 8-year-old girl silent.  But I definitely walked away with the lesson.


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