Accidentally Saying ‘Yes’ To A Second Date

How does that happen?  When you dating two guys with similar names.  I went out with “Brad” last week.  I had a date schedule with “Brian” for Wednesday.  I’d just gotten out of the shower to get finish getting ready for my date with “Brian” when I got a text message.  The text message asked if I wanted to do something on Friday.  My first thought was “Brian” wanted to reschedule.  I said yes, and then followed up with another message and asked if he wanted Friday was instead of tonight.  A second after I hit send, I realized that the message was from “Brad” not “Brian”.

I continued to get ready and wait for “Brad’s” response.  He pretty much had none, he then suggested we go to a baseball game.  I didn’t feel like I could say, I thought you were another guy and that’s the only reason I agreed to a second date.  I was locked in.

So, I get to the ballpark and see “Brad” looking nervous by the ticket box.  I walk up with a smile and apologize for being a few minutes late.  I’d left my cell phone on the kitchen table (genius!) and couldn’t tell him I was running a few minutes late.  He gets a beer and I get a large Mountain Dew, with a touch of ice (I usually get none) due to a heat index of 106. 

We had a ball, luckily he wasn’t a big baseball fan.  So we were telling tons of story and cracking jokes left and right.  During the date, I realized I was having a great time.  I also recalled that the first date was pretty fun.  I just let my ability to pick him apart overshadow that.  It was then that I’d had an epiphany, I judged him for not being handling a situation the way I’d handle it.  To be very honest, I don’t want to date myself.  I recall that some of the more successful marriages I know tend to have people with two different approaches to handling situations also creating a balance. 

“Brad” is definitely an interesting person.  We have similar interests, both want to compete on “The Amazing Race”, want to pursue a scuba diving certification, love traveling and can laugh at ourselves when we don’t do well at certain physical challenges (for me that would be tennis!).  The home team won the game and then there was an awesome (love that word!) fireworks display.  Afterwards, we walked over to nearby restaurant, he had another beer, I had another Mountain Dew.  We also tried deep-fried pickles with ranch dressing.  Sounds odd but they were pretty good.  No complaints.

All that said, there’ll be a third date.  I’m glad that I was ‘yes’ to the date without being sure who was asking.


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