Someone Should Create A Portal of Date Ideas

I’m getting ready to go on date number three and I decided I’d take it upon myself to plan.  I googled and googled and didn’t find anything I’d like to use.  I thought about indoor wall climbing, but since we’d be beginners, that’d mean a class.  On a Saturday morning.  Personally, I don’t want to go on a date on a Saturday morning, that’s too much like work.  Maybe we’ll try that down the road.  On a non-Saturday morning.

My best friend mentioned going to a preseason football game.  Great idea.  Only thing is here, my state’s football team is little over 2 hours a way.  And don’t get me started on how long football games are.  I despise football but go to Super Bowl parties.  I’m the girl who’s in the kitchen gossiping, laughing and dancing.  When we sit near the tv, I stare at the screen.  Usually guys think I’m really into the game.  Really, I’m daydreaming.  I’m daydreaming about clothes, vacations, maybe thinking about a piece of eye candy from the gym.  I’m thinking about anything but football  So that idea, was a no-go.

It came to me, a neighboring city is having a big all-day festival downtown.  My date likes beer, so it works out perfect that a bar that’s participating is having a beer and wine festival.  I texted the idea to my date last night and received no response.  So naturally, I thought, he must have really hated that idea.  This morning, he sends me an email that says he saw a glimpse of my idea before his phone died.  He’d dropped it in a glass of water.  I told him my idea via email, he loved it.  He got a new phone at lunch.

My best friend is hilarious.  She’s pretty much planned my bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding and reception.  And baby shower.  Years ago.

Love her.  So yesterday she asks where this situation is headed, have I told anyone that I’m dating a white guy?  I tell her that I’m just enjoying spending time with him.  I’m can’t say anymore than that.  My close friends know I’m dating a white guy.  My mom, no.  She’d have no problem.  If I were going on a third date with a black guy, she wouldn’t know.  Telling my mom about every guy I date, is a can of worms I’m not opening.

One of my friends, who has been vocal about not liking the concept of interracial dating.  I asked why, she said, “I just don’t like it.”  I laughed and told her that she sounded like she was going to say, “I just don’t think you should be mixing the races.”  I said this in a mocking ignorant, Southern drawl.  Then she had this look on her face, like that’s right.  My other friend and I fell out laughing at her inability to tell me why she thought it was wrong.

My friend who seems a bit on the contrary, suggested I tell my mom prior to this date.  She suggested that with going to the event, I’m bound to run into someone I know and the news could make it back to my mom.  Really, it’s 2010.  Neither my date or I are going to jail, will be disowned or shunned from our fellow races.  It’s really not that serious. I get it’s the South, but I’m not spending too much energy on that.

How will my date go on Saturday?  I predict it’ll be fun.  That’s seemed to be the theme.


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