Best Laid Plans…

I know where planning gets you.  After the day has ended, if you’re lucky you might have crossed off 1.5 things.  I joke that a to-do list is just something to keep you aware of all the things you haven’t done.

I’m coming back from a quick to West Coast.  No offense, but I’m not a fan.  I still want to visit Seattle but I’m not feeling Cali like that.  I don’t like having to wear a lightweight cardigan at 2 p.m. while dining al fresco in early August.  Yes, I’m from the South, so I’m used to heat and humidity. 

Being so close to water but not even daring to put on a bikini because I don’t want to freeze to death is insane.  If the temperature is 70, I don’t want to think about the temperature of the water.  So no, I abandoned the surfing lesson.  It’s all well.  I had a dream about an encounter with sharks right before I left, so my nerves would have left me a hot mess.

It’s leading up to my birthday week.  The plan was to unload the DVR.  I’m slowing ticking that off due to late nights in the office (followed by visits to the gym), cooking an extra dish for my lunch (trying to cut out Lean Cuisines) and slowly calling back friends that I’ve promised I’d call weeks ago.

But the plan for the Friday (eve before the birthday), an 8 a.m run at a nearby park, volunteer work, and catch a $1.50 movie.  Saturday, brunch with my mom, she’s pushing to see “Eat Pray & Love”.  I’m kind of on the fence.  I’m a person who likes to read a book before I see the movie.  Not to mention, I really don’t feel compelled to read that book at all.  We’ll see…

Dinner is with my date at P.F. Chang.  Chain restaurant (I know!) but I love the Dali chicken with brown rice.  That stuff is awesome. I’m hoping to explore more green restaurants in the future. 

I just hope my mom complies and makes me a key lime pound cake and key lime pie.  I know it’s a lot of dessert but I only get one birthday.  I’ll share.  Well, at least I’ll share the pound cake.  Mess with the pie and it won’t be pretty.  I promise.


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