Is There Any One Thing You Can’t Live Down

I think mine involves food.  I had an unhealthy relationship with it for a while.  I wouldn’t say that I was an anorexic but I definitely would eat less than the recommended caloric range for women.  Then I would go to the gym for an hour or more.

It was easy to get away with.  I’d bought my home so it was easy to mask what I was doing.  When you’re doing stupid stuff, you want no witnesses. My best friend and her husband became hip.  And even though some 7 years later, I now have good eating habits, I’ll never live this crap down.

I’ve had people ask what I did.  I don’t even offer that mess up.  It’ll just make me sound crazy and the last thing I want is someone to try to duplicate it.  Most people can’t handle it but I’m concerned about running into a person with crazy willpower like myself who will endure hunger pains.

I realized the err of my ways and decided to correct my ways even though I knew I’d gain a few pounds. I’ve also worked with a nutritionist and made her aware of what I’ve done in the past.  I’ve made a lot of progress, even to the point where she told me that she was releasing me as client.  I could come back for an update every blue moon but for the most part, I was on-track.

I also took a Health Behavior Change class as a part of my degree.  This class was freaking amazing.  You had to create a goal that you wanted to work on.  I said my goal was to eat 5 servings of produce each day.  Through journals and post that were for my professor’s eyes only, I discovered that my true goal was to cement a healthy relationship with food.  Realize that there are no bad foods.  For the foods that are less than ideal, it’s okay to eat them once in  a while. It’s also okay to have a slip-up and don’t associate that with failure.

For me honesty was key in my me having a healthy relationship with food.  Having freed myself of emotional baggage as well was a huge help too.


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