Four Weeks of No What?

Weights.  Seems simple, my doctor telling me that sent my brain into several different directions.

It started on Thursday when I noted I was having chest pain.  It went away and returned that later that night. The pain was pretty nasty that night and I could feel it throbbing.  It returned Friday afternoon, so I went to the doctor.  After asking cardiac-related questions, she was able to eliminate that.

When she pressed on the area, I screamed, “That’s the place!”  She leads me through some positions and then proclaims that the injury is exercise-related.  The throbbing, a blood vessel in the affected area. 

Then she tells me no weights for 4 weeks.  I look at her and think, it’s not that serious.  She can read my thoughts and says, you have to stop for 4 weeks or it’ll get worse.  My mind is thinking, it can’t get that bad.  She repeats, seriously 4 weeks of no upper body.  (I haven’t said a thing.)  You can do lower body.  (Eyeroll.)  You can still run, but keep your arms limited in their swinging.  She also tells me take ibuprofen twice a day to speed up the healing.

I’ve given up.  She can see it in my face and tells me it won’t be that bad.  I tell her I’ll lose muscle tone and definition.  She tells me I won’t in 4 weeks.  I was thinking, you’re lucky it’s the end of summer because if this happened in May, I would have continued as usual.

The only thing that could have been worse, being told I couldn’t run (which happened last summer).

After some thought, I’ve felt pain in this area before.  I remember a few months back feeling pain in that area but dismissed it.  Even remember seeing it was red in this area while I lifted weights.  But ignored it.

I like to think of myself of a person who is fond of eating in a healthy manner and dedicated to her exercise routine.  But often, I come across as an obsessive health nut and over-exercising lunatic when crap like this comes up.


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