Today Should Have Been Friday the 13th

Work was smooth.  Especially given that most people opted to work from home or take the day off.  I created a list of things to do after I left the office.  Oh, the best laid plans…

I decided to check out what was going on with my iPod nano.   I bought some new headphones, hoping that was the issue (muffled sound).  No such luck.  I take it to the Apple store.  Because I’ve never been before, I didn’t realize that I’d need to make an appointment.  So, I make an appointment and went to Banana Republic to burn some time.  I return and get half-ass news, I should try to restore my nano, if not it’s the hardware.  Translation, I’ll need to buy a new one.

I go to Kohl’s to buy a Timex Ironman, they’re 25% off.  I get there, and they have crappy versions I don’t want.  I head to my office, to get my dongle to try to “restore” my nano.  I spent a great deal of time on that to find out it was the hardware. I decide to purchase a shuffle.  All I do is shuffle the songs anyway…

Go to Wal-Mart despite their HR issues.  They didn’t have any.  They told me their was a 2-week back order.  I go to Target, they’re none in the case, so I don’t even ask.  I call Wal-Mart in a neighboring city and there are two on the same road.  I go to the one closest to me and once inside, I have a feeling it’s the wrong one.  They didn’t have any Shuffles in the display case.  I find an employee and ask her for the physical address.  I’m at the wrong one.

I look at my phone (no watch!) and realize it’s 9:50.   A part of me is paranoid that the Wal-Mart with the Shuffles will close at 10.  I go anyway, and they’re still open.  And they have Shuffles.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t just buy another Nano.  I’m cheap.  No need to put that kind of money into an electronic device if it’s not going to function after 2.5 years.  Why did I need an mp3 player so urgently, I need it to run.  It keeps me amped.  Why Apple, I want to use my iTunes.

As I jokingly tell my coworkers, “Don’t judge me!”


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