I’m Obsessed

I love shopping.  I could shop all day long but I use restraint.  There has been a dress that I’ve become obsessed with.  I sent it to my best friend as an attachment, I asked her if I would look great in the dress.  She didn’t reply.

I’ve been fantasizing about this dress.  I’ll go to the website, zoom in on all three views and go, yes, this dress will look awesome on me.  I’ll have to get shoes, but that’s going to be the fun part.  You can take this dress in so many different directions.  You’re probably wondering what kind of crap dress is it?  It’s a camouflage strapless dress.  Weird combo, right?  No, it looks pretty amazing and it’s such a feminine take on it.

I went into one of their local stores while looking for a simple black dress (hopefully on sale).  They didn’t have the black dress, but the camo dress was on sale.  I didn’t even go too close because I didn’t want to find one in my size and then have to will myself from purchasing it.  Although, I did get a glimpse of the price.

Today, I got an email from said company that they now have a site for their factory (only on the weekends!).  If you get their emails, you know who I’m talking about now.  I click on the link despite how I usually detest the quality (poor) and pricing (too high!) of factory merchandise. 

I see that I have something in my shopping cart.  It was carryover from the regular website.  The camo dress.  I hover over it and see that the price has come down even more.

I pounce.  I can’t wait to stare at myself in all 3 zoom views and see how great I look in this dress.


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