Sorry But I Feel As Though I’m Going To End Up on A Episode of 48 Hours

I love CBS’ 48 Hours.  I feel as if it was created for me to identify potential dangerous situations in advance and help me steer clear of them.

I sprained muscles in my back and my shoulder.  It was pretty nasty.  I went to the doctor and she could see the sprain before even touching it.  Nevertheless, she prescribed muscle relaxers.  She offered to write me a note to not return to work.  I declined as I had a ton of work to do and mid-term to take that night.  Later, that evening Dan (online dater) sent me a message asking for my plans for the night.  I said I had a mid-term and mentioned my injury and how I needed to take muscle relaxer.  He said okay and then offered to come over and give me a massage.  Creepy, right?

What woman in her right mind, would allow a complete stranger to come over to their house when they took a muscle relaxer.  It was my first time taking one and suffice to say when it hit, it took me out for the count.  I declined and he asked repeatedly.  We agreed upon dinner the next day.  He left a long voicemail the next day explaining that he had to work.  I used to be a chronic liar (high school and college for no good reason) and the sign of bad liar is too much detail.  But it was whatever.

So today, he sends a message inviting me over for burgers.  I declined as I had another mid-term to take tonight.  I also mentioned the other days that I had obligations.  He asked if I could come by after my exam.  I sent a message and said no, I needed to take another muscle relaxer and that I wasn’t comfortable with a home visit so early.

His response, I’m not comfortable with people taking muscle relaxers, good luck to you. Dan.

I started to reply and explain that I’m not addicted.  Given my schedule, I’m lucky to take one pill a day.  Then I caught myself and realized that he was lashing out probably because he was a creep.  I might take a pill tonight but most likely not, there’s a lot of tv that I want to watch tonight. The Event, Real Skanks (that applies to many of the cities but not all of them women) of Atlanta and Castle.  And there’s no fighting a muscle relaxer.


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