I Cancelled On My First Date…To Work

I had a date scheduled for tonight.  I was kind of excited, more curious than anything.  We met on Match, little correspondence.  I called him yesterday to confirm and left a voicemail.  He called me back and said he was in Chicago and asked me to call him after work (on Friday). Ironically, I was working up until 12 a.m.  Common sense clued me to the fact that he didn’t want me to call after I finished working Thursday night.

What about him made me curious?  His pictures, they’re weird, like odd angles.  Odd angles, and fuzzy images = unattractive.  He stated on his profile that he made $100,000+.  What rationale person would put that on their profile?  His voicemail consisted of ramblings of “I’m watching them tear down Obama”, “this rhetoric has got me fuming”, “dinner with a colleague, afterwards I’ll work out after my dinner has settled.”

I’m not sure why he felt like he had to tell me all that.  I don’t care.  Even if I knew him, I wouldn’t care. I feel like I smell an energy vampire.

I have a deadline (of midnight) to meet for a project that has been haunting me in my dreams for months.  I honestly thought I’d finish by 3 p.m.  But what I failed to realize is that evil forces were brewing.  My manager had to help me work through the technical glitches and is still doing so.  Note, it’s after 9 p.m.   She left the office  and told me she’d get me the info in 2 hours.  I said cool.  She asked if I had plans tonight.  I said, just dinner.  She told me to go on and that tomorrow morning would be fine to send out the files.

What did I do?  Left work, left the guy a voicemail and hit the gym.  And take a quiz…


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