My Take On Entertainment This Week

Mondo on Project Runway.  I love how he’s in his own lane as for as his aesthetic and he totally “makes it work” for him.  I also loved him for giving Heidi a lot of attitude during her critique in the workroom.  I’m not a Heidi fan.  By any means.  Her New Balance line, looked like crap you’d wake up and lounge around your house on the weekend.  Note, I don’t mention anything about leaving your driveway.  It’s okay to walk down your driveway and get the mail, but don’t get in the car and drive in that get-up.

It’s a failed attempt.  She should take a glimpse at Stella McCartney’s line for Adidas, and get a real glimpse of what looks good .  Her fashion sense to me is questionable.  Her outfits are pretty horrible.  Usually because they’re ill-fitting.  Anyone who buys that crap is just a Heidi fan and devoid of fashion sense, or someone who buys those horrible clothes on QVC or HSN.

30 Rock.  I always love this show.  This week’s episode was pretty hilarious with Queen Latifah. I kept rewinding to replay lines. I also loved how there were a couple of references to Law & Order being cancelled by NBC.  Mainly how Jack and Tracy seemed oblivious to it.  I also loved their reaction that this was horrible decision.  I don’t get it either, NBC.  I’ll just have to live off re-runs.  You bastards!

This week, I’ve continued to be underwhelmed by “Undercovers” despite my attraction to Boris Kodjoe.  I was hoping for more Alias type action but it’s falling short.  Everything is feeling very forced. I’m not sure how many more episodes I’ll be watching.

Law & Order: LA.  Really?  I know I’ve watched the original for way too long.  But the only person I’m really loving is the slightly smart-mouthed bald detective.  The storylines leave me flat. 

What has me “over the moon”?  Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  Despite announcing that this will be their last season, Vincent D’Onofrio signed on.  And then Kathryn Erbe.  Just tell me the time of the premiere.  I’ll also overlook that it’ll just be 8 episodes.  I’ll just focus on the fact that I have Vincent and Kathryn.

My thing for Vincent started with the first season of CI.  I remember when the second season premiered, I was literally next to my aunt’s big screen doing imitations of Vincent’s quirky mannerisms.  If you’re familiar with the show, you know all you have to do is cock your head to side and do weird stuff with your hands.  I didn’t even notice the stuff with the hands until my mom started calling him “Big Hands”.  Whatever, he’s awesome.


One response to “My Take On Entertainment This Week

  1. I absolutely love Mondo…Lord forbid he would dare inject some color into Heidi’s line that my dead grandmother wouldn’t even wear. You were beyond generous in saying it was good enough to walk down the driveway to retrieve the mail. The highlight of that last show was Tim Gunn shutting Ivy’s trap…she needs to take her sour grapes and disappear somewhere. The best news of all? The return of Goren and Eames, Amen, sister.

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