I Had Focus And Lost It Within Hours…

My team switched divisions within the company.  As a result, we had to attend a workshop on improvisations.  No, we weren’t learning improv (for comedy’s sake).  Just learning how to promote the creative (no filtering the ideas before you spit them out!), and not attacking ideas once they come out of others mouths, learning how to listen.  A lot of it boiled down to communication as you see.  It was a fun 4 hours, believe it or not. 

So I left and I was revved up to do work on some creative projects of my own. I was going to go to Office Depot and get a cool notebook. In this notebook, I was going to jot down things I needed to refocus on.  I would also plot about an action plan for a business venture that I’m contemplating. By the time I’d been in the gym for over 2 hours (don’t ask!), I was barely remembering my list for the grocery store.  Sanitary napkins (TMI), 2 zucchinis and grape tomatoes.  A 2-liter Mountain Dew to help me stay up late to get through some school work.

So no, I didn’t make it to Office Depot.  Nor did I write anything down on the multiple notebooks I have in my house.  I’m not even going to say tomorrow because the minute I walked in the house, my mother called and asked if I was going to volunteer to assist with something.   I refuse to be my mother by being overextended but yet I the harder the try the more I call myself “little Betty”.

I’m going to work on this list on Saturday morning.  And it’s Wednesday (by the time I post). 

This quote will haunt me until I make some progress, “What do you call people who are creative and don’t produce?  Crazy!”


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