No Early Voting For Me!

I love to vote on Election Day.   I never vote early.  Early voting is a great concept.  It helps thin the lines out for me when I vote.  I know during the Presidential election, I was taunted about how bad the lines would be.  I would respond, “Oh, that’s the part of the fun!” 

On the day of said election, my neighborhood lost power due to a car crashing into a utility pole.  The precinct opened only 30 minutes late (thanks generator!).  The line, was non-existent.  Granted, I went in the morning.  So who knows what it looked like later in the day.  I also tried to avoid watching any returns until about 9 p.m.  I was in the gym and deliberately looked away from the televisions that were tuned to CNN.

The person I voted for senator today has lost.   I can’t say I’m surprised.  As for Congress, if this guy doesn’t win, I’ll be devastated.  He’s beloved, or so I think.  He’s very visible, very active in the community and does a great job representing our district.  The person who is running against this person is a resident in neurosurgery.  I’m not sure I’d leave that to pursue political ambitious.  Unless…

This person has suffered a major embarrassment.  He thought he purchased a Morgan Freeman voiceover for his commercials.  Not so much.  Morgan Freeman had denounced that he endorses this person.  Hilarious!  Then the marketing company says they told the candidate that they were using a voiceover. 

Oh, the hilarity!


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