Married Men On Dating Sites?

I see quite a few on the website I’m on.  Most list themselves as single.  I assume they’re on there for one of three reasons.

  1. They’re looking to cheat
  2. They’re in a polyamorous relationship
  3. They’re looking for platonic female companionship

I’m not interested in interacting with any married man.  Their reasons don’t really matter to me.  Those looking to cheat often post obscure pictures on their profiles.  A snapshot of themselves (clothed) from the waist below.  A picture of a lake (weird).  I started to post one guy’s profile complete with his email that he embedded within in the profile.  But after some contemplation, I just figured that would be downright cruel.

As for individuals in polyamorous relationships, I’m glad that works for you.  I’m not interested.  Even though I saw a short profile on it on an episode of Real Sex, I still just don’t get it.  Don’t act like I’m the only one whose ever watched that series.

As for married men looking for platonic female friends.  This is the oddest one to me.  I understand that it’s healthy to have friendships outside of a relationship/marriage.  I just don’t understand why you need to seek out a female.  Why aren’t you meeting women in your daily life that you can befriend?  Have you ever tried meet-up?

I think the oddest thing about all these men, they list themselves as Straight/Single/Available.  When obviously they’re not.


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