Am I In The Wrong Car?

Today, I decided to go to Whole Foods to get sandwich.  I was thinking about the chicken breast last night on the rustic bread, with spicy mustard.  I get in my car, put the key in the ignition and nothing happens.  I’m in auto pilot, so I think, maybe I did this wrong.  Let’s try again.  Nothing.

Then I have total brain fart.  I wonder, am I in the right car?  Yes dummy, you opened the door.  All this junk in the passenger seat and in the backseat, is truly yours.  Try another thought.

Then I think back to when I started my car this morning.  It did make a weird sound but me being me, I thought,  “That didn’t sound good but let’s keep going.”  I do what any grown adult does.  Call someone I know with an AAA card (my mom).  She agrees to come and bring me hers.  She starts to tell me I can pick it up.  She doesn’t say it but she starts to speak, hesitates and laughs.  She totally was going to say that.

I call AAA, they come within 20 minutes, do the diagnostics on the battery, to tell me the obvious.  I take the Camster to Toyota and voilà – new battery!

I usually don’t go out for lunch.  I’m glad that I attempted today.  I would have been hella pissed at 5 p.m. on a Friday to find out I had a dead battery!


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