Okay, Kim K.

Not referring to Kim Kardashian, although she briefly entered a conversation I had yesterday.  I had lunch with one of my younger friends (22) and she was talking about how she loved Kim and her sisters.  I’ll admit, I’ve watched their crap episodes.  I also mentioned that I think Kris (the mom) sits in her office and scripts it out.  There so lame and wacky.  Let’s face it, if people let the camera roll (in reality tv) without ideas in place, we’d be bored to tears.

We abandon talk of the Kardashians and she tells me about one of her friends.  Said friend, who is also named Kim and last name begins with K, had an embarrassing moment in her class.  She was doing a PowerPoint presentation, when images of a self-recorded sex act appeared.  Complete with face and butt (moving up and down).  So because this happened, she will forever be known as Kim K.

I get that people like to take pictures and record.  But are these people okay if at some point, these images may be leaked to people other than intended?  I remember years ago, a guy I was dating asked me to take  a nude pic with my cell phone.  I adamantly told him no.  He couldn’t understand.  I told him I didn’t trust him enough to send him that image.  To be honest, I wouldn’t trust anyone with that image.  I told him if he couldn’t remember what I looked like, too bad for him.

Think twice before you hit record and snap that pic.  Even with taking the picture and not sending it to a single soul, it still can be stolen and placed on website.  Seriously.


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