Remembering To Move My Blog From My FB Profile

I’m recently rejoined the masses on facebook.  I had a reason, I just never committed to following through with it.  I still find it rather boring.  But one thing I forgot to do initially was remove my blog address.  I’m assuming that most people didn’t even notice that I rejoined.  And I doubt that those who did notice, didn’t instantly check my profile and say, “She has a blog, let’s check it out!”  Which believe me is a good thing.

I’ve written about family members, a few friends, and some might be mildly annoyed.  But it’s all truth, nothing too harsh.  My mantra,” If you’re weird or kooky, own it.  Don’t try to conform. ”  I would describe myself as being quirky.

If you’re a jerk, own that too.  Because if you are, I’m really going to enjoy writing about that!


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