How Did I End Up Arguing About Oprah?

I was attempting to watch the Piers Morgan interview with Oprah when my guy friend called.  He immediately started on a negative tangent.  I told him that I liked Oprah and didn’t worship her but thought that she had achieved some really great things and done some awesome things with regards to philanthropy.

He asked if she started crying about Gayle again.  I told him no but they did address that interview. I said that I could understand being moved when reflecting on your friendships with your closest friends.  One of my best friends sent me an awesome thank you card once after a visit.  I re-read it and was moved to tears.  I’m not saying that men don’t value their friendships, it’s just that women don’t have to bound themselves emotionally.  We can tell our friends how much we value them and get teary and no one is going to think, “Wow, she’s a wuss!”

Then he made some crazy reference to something I swear he made up.  He says that Oprah said that she had a baby with Stedman and then it came out that she had a baby with an older man in Michigan and left the baby with him.  I might accept that the latter had more truth.  I asked if she was young, possibly a teenager when that happened.  He said yes.  I told him that isn’t that surprising, she was raped and abused by multiple men, and she admitted to be promiscuous afterwards.

One last thing he tells me, one day something big is going to come out about Oprah in the next 2 to 3 years and it’s going to rock your minds.  I had to reiterate that I didn’t worship her and that I did realize she was human.  Everyone has a past.  And with that, we finally moved on to the next topic.

Oprah, is definitely a love it or hate it kind of thing.  I kind of don’t understand all of the backlash.  I hate the assumption that if you like Oprah, than you’re following her blindly like she’s the pied piper.  I don’t worship her as if she’s an idol, nor watch every episode.  I don’t really like her new network.  I’ve only read two books from her book club.  One is my all-time favorite, She’s Come Undone. 

And oh, and I loved the season where she sang her theme song.  It was so horrible and hilarious.  At first.  And then it was just horrible.


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